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Would you keep my bag?

Sure. However , valuables and fragile ones ( cash and camera , brand-name goods , etc. ) can not be entrusted to us .

What happens if  defiled ?

A little bit of dirt is no problem . However , irreparable stains need repairs fee .

Defile : 5,500 yen .
Perfume smell adhesion : About 5,500 yen .

Loss of accessories : An additional fee .

The time required ?

<Time required>Choose a kimono…About 15 minutes Wear…About 15 minutes Hair Set (Option)…About 15 minutes

Is a standard.

What to me is necessary ?

There is no particular need.

About the size


☆Womans S〜L、TL、LL

S  145cm〜152cm ※Hip 85cm

M  153cm〜158cm ※Hip 90cm

L  159cm〜165cm ※Hip 90cm

TL 165cm〜175cm ※Hip 90cm

LL 153cm〜163cm ※Hip 100cm

☆Mans M〜3L

M  165cm〜170cm

L  171cm〜175cm

LL 176cm〜180cm

3L 181cm〜185cm


☆Womans S〜L

S  145cm〜155cm

M  156cm〜165cm

L  166cm〜172cm ※Hip 94cm

BL 164cm〜174cm ※Hip 100cm

☆Mans M〜3L

M  165cm〜173cm

L  174cm〜178cm

LL 179cm〜183cm

Can hair set ?

Hair set are available at option . ( Reservation , women only )

Payment method ?

Please pay in cash at the time of visit.

Credit cards can be used at our shop.

Cancellation fee will occur ?

No cancellation fee will occur until the day before .

Perfume is prohibited ?

It is prohibited .
Perfume smell adhesion : additional fee is About 5,500 yen .

To do on rainy days ?

It is okay if a little bit of rain.

Is there a private parking ?

Sorry.The shop does not have a private car park .
The guests arriving by car , please park your local coin parking .
We recommend Inuyama Castle third parking ( Inuyama City Hall ) .

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