Credit cards can be used at our shop.

The store is located on the way from the station to the castle town .

The rental plan , a set of kimono also includes underwear and clogs , you can come empty-handed .

​There is also a hair set plan.

Cute design are many.
You can choose any combination of kimono and obi .

​Please enjoy kimono town walk and festivals of Inuyama .

【Those that are included in the plan】

○Man・・・Yukata , Obi , Shingen-Bukuro(Hand-held bag) , Geta , Koshi-Himo
○Woman・・・Yukata , Obi, Kinchaku(Hand-held bag), Geta, Koshi-H


Place : Horibetei

After coming to the store , preparation is about 30 minutes .

Preparation of hair set is adding about 15 minutes .

Please return during business hours .
Many hours even available .

The store is located on the way from the station to the castle town .3-minute walk.

Inuyama castle town , fun to walk wearing a kimono.

Assortment of
area top
Uniform price
You can participate in the campaign

Our shop is located at the entrance to the castle town.
You can feel free to tourism in the kimono !

Popular new kimono has arrived one after another !
You can choose from men and women a total of 70 pieces !

rental includes all the basic set , also available at a uniform price choose any clothes !

Campaign , which is subject to a discount wear a kimono in Inuyama are frequently carried out !

レンタル 着物 浴衣 犬山 観光 国宝 犬山城 デート 女子会





定休日:火 ※祝祭日は営業

営業時間 10:00〜18:00







1F むすび茶屋 0568-48-7870

2F 犬山日和弐番館 0568-48-7871

定休日:火 ※祝祭日は営業

営業時間 10:00〜18:00








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