Japanese traditional wedding costume.





You can wear a “Iro Uchikake,” the traditional Japanese wedding clothes.

We also have formal wear for males, “Montsuki (a kimono marked with a crest).”  

So, couples can also try them on.

During trying them on, if you want, the staff can take pictures by your smartphone or camera.

Uchikake - 打掛 -

Flow of experience - 体験の流れ -

It takes about 40 minutes from your visit to payment. - 体験の所要時間は受付から40分程度です -

1.受付とご説明 - 5分

Application and explanation (5 min)

2.衣装選び - 5分

Choosing a kimono (5 min)

4.「色打掛」試着体験 - 10分 (写真撮影ご自身で自由に)

Enjoy wearing the “colorful wedding kimono” for 10 min.

* Enjoy taking lots of pictures. (In-store only)

3.着付け - 10分

Putting it on (10 min)

5.お着替えとお支払い - 10分

Changing and payment (10 min)

Fee - 料金 - ¥4,950 一人当たり。

4,950 yen for one person

Application - 申し込み -


Number of people -人数-

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